PVDF - Polyvinylidene

Polyvinylidene or PVDF is the homopolymer, alternative to the vinylidene fluoride. It contains 57% of fluorine and its crystallinity depends on the thermal pre-treatment for moulded parts: Transparent products are obtained from a fast thin-film cooling, whereas highly crystalline and stiff articles are produced by an annealing at 135 °C.



  • Operating temperature range: from -60 °C to +150 °C
  • UV resistant
  • It delivers a better resistance to high energy radiations compared to all other fluorinated polymers.



  • Seals, membranes, components for pumps and valves, pipes, tubular tires, rails, coatings, lamination for outdoor use, packaging film, fibres
  • Pipes for drinking water supply
  • Packaging of chemical products (gastight and flavour-proof bottles)
  • Construction of equipment and semiconductors
  • Because of its pole-built structure the use in high-frequency technologies has been excluded.