Post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, popularly known as PVC-C. It is a material with a particular resistance to corrosive agents and high temperatures. It displays excellent UL-94V-0 fire-retardant properties and flame propagation less than 20 for ASTM E-84.

It can be used (based on the chemical use) up to 180°F and, therefore, is particularly suitable for support constructions. For these reasons PVC-C is used under these conditions in replacement with the most common PVC.



  • An excellent thermal shock resistance
  • A good workability: it can be processed, cut and welded.
  • High thermal stability
  • Fire-retardant
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkali
  • Excellent mechanical properties at operating temperatures ranging from 0°C to over 100 °C.



  • Electroplating industry and petrochemistry
  • Paper industry
  • Industrial pipes
  • Microelectronic industry

N.B. PVC-C complies with ASTM-D-1784-95 Class 23447-B (formally IV Type , Grade 1) and it is produced without additives or plasticisers.