Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC or PVC-U, is the polymer of vinyl chloride. This is a material belonging to the group of synthetic thermoplastics, which has a large scope of applications. PVC displays excellent features in the temperature range from 0° C to +60° C and this ensures a better thermal stability in extreme conditions. For this reason it is used for the conveyance of highly aggressive substances, such as acids, alkali, bases and salts, along with the manufacture of fittings and valves and for the use of storage.

A preferential use of PVC is in piping systems the water supply and drainage.



  • Bondable material
  • Weldable material
  • Mouldable material
  • Partly recyclable material
  • A huge application versatility



PVC is one of the most consumed plastic materials worldwide, which is used in many different sectors, such as:

  • The construction sector (for ex: gutters, roller shutters, window and door frames, wallpaper, floors, coating for electric cables, pipelines);
  • The health care sector (for ex: probes, catheters, plasma bags);
  • Il automobile sector (for ex: interiors of the cars);
  • Il sector of basic commodities (for ex. plastic wraps, containers, bottles, toys, school satchels, erasers, etc.).