PEEK - Polyetheretherketone

Polyetheretherketone or PEEK, is a technologically advanced semi-crystalline thermoplastic material. It combines excellent features with an excellent chemical resistance and resistance both at high temperature conditions (up to 260 °C in hot water or steam) and at the lowest temperature conditions (up to -60 °C). Its resilience is good, but unstrengthened formulations are subject to a creeping.

PEEK can be completely blended with polyetherimide (PEI) per mass percentages from lower than 30% up to over 70%. These blends show a higher resilience than the single components. Furthermore they can be enriched with long glass fibre strands and carbon, in order to increase the stiffness and solidity, especially at high temperatures.



  • High mechanical resistance, stiffness and hardness
  • Resistant to high temperatures, non-oxidising acids, alkaline solutions, oils, greases and fluids for brakes used in the sector of motor vehicles.
  • It can’t be hydrolysed and is not oxidable in hot water or vapour
  • An excellent dimensional stability
  • Fire-retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures
  • A poor resistance to UV rays
  • An excellent resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion
  • A very restricted seal against smoke



  • It is used for the production of components, for the injection moulding in the automotive industry, in aeronautics, electronics, in the medical sector, for the insulation of cables, films, fibres, bands and plates in fiber reinforced PEEK.
  • A special, very pure PEEK which is suitable for the production of prostheses.
  • A special PEEK for a temporary use in the medical sector, such as catheters and endoscopes
  • Fibers pre-soaked with resin and PEEK reinforced with carbon, aramid, iron and glass fibres competing with thermoset materials.
  • Bushes and bearings, compressors, valves, insulating materials, pumps, air-conditioners and so on.