PE - Polyethylene

Polyethylene, shortened to PE-HD or PE-MD, is the most well-known plastic material which especially spread in the sector of industrial piping systems. PE, like PP, is a non-polar material, as well as an environmentally-friendly hydrocarbon. This is an insoluble material and, therefore, it can’t be glued. The best welding process is to melt it by means of one among the existing technologies of Poly-melting, Welding heads and Melting using electric resistances.

Polyethylene is sold by Darplast Extrusion, has been stabilised by carbon, in order to withstand the UV-radiation, to stand the heat and to increase its average lifetime. Furthermore the material supplied has been approved and is intended for use with food products: Indeed fittings are odourless, tasteless and biologically inactive.



  • Excellent insulating properties and chemical resistance properties
  • High versatility
  • Low weight
  • Good flexibility
  • Low load losses
  • Suited to low temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • A good resistance to acids and to caustics
  • Insoluble in all organic and inorganic solvents at 20° C
  • Erosion caused by strongly oxidising acids.



  • Piping systems for combustible gases and water lines
  • Domestic applications
  • Industrial piping systems
  • Insulating material for electric cables
  • Inner layer of aseptic containers for liquid food products
  • Containers of different type