Who we are?

Darplast Extrusion covers over 5,000 m2 of space, next to its affiliates, Darplast sas and Tecnoplast Italy srl. The company, created in 2009, operates in the field of plastic materials, initially as an exclusive producer of PVC, but later deciding to enlarge its activities from its core business to the extrusion of different thermoplastic materials, such as PP, PE, POM and PA.

Commencing in the year 2000, Darplast sas took its first steps in the extrusion sector of welding products: a necessity that has arisen from the need of having essential materials always at disposal for the construction of plants, of which Darplast sas and Tecnoplast Italy srl are a pioneering companies.
Subsequently the partners decided to proceed with the idea of moving into the manufacturing sector and in this way Darplast sas entered into the world of PVC in 2003 with a small production of solid rods. First of all the company secured and strengthened its own market share and then enlarged its product range with many kinds of PVC profiles.

However, the project became a sound business and in 2009 Darplast Extrusion srl was established. A company that decided to aim towards the quality of materials and on an immediate and guaranteed service.

The founder, Mrs. Nikla Da Ros, was able to set up a company with a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, thanks also to the active support of her father Danilo Da Ros. Darplast Extrusion is in fact a newly formed company, as well as its staff who run and operate inside the young company. This means dynamism, flexibility, innovation and updates, but above all a full inclusion in what it is defined as the current industrial panorama. At the same time Darplast Extrusion has emerged as a stable reality, whose background traces its roots through the history of its affiliates, Darplast sas and Tecnoplast Italy srl, from which it gained all of its experience and the maturity which characterises well-established companies with a long tradition.


A constant and scrupulous updating of our knowledge, skills and resources. This is necessary to meet effectively and efficiently present-day challenges of an ever changing market!


A first-class quality material, which is controlled by ultrasound machines every day, in order to avoid any faults or porosity and to ensure the compactness and workability of a semi-finished product.


A maximum efficiency both in the production and in the service! Speed and precision, timeliness and guarantee: the delivery occurs at your convenience and on time by an express courier within 5 days from the order date!